Direct connection to the right format

Smaragd Media’s TV PR department and production department work hand in hand. Our marketing experts will consult with
event organisers during the planning phase in order to establish key goals both before and during the event. Throughout
this consultation process we always have in mind the image and content requirements of the relevant formats.

This forms the blueprint for how the event will be presented to editors and media outlets. The regional, national or international
marketing is carried out by the project leader working directly with the respective contact persons in order to raise media
interest in your event. This is where our many years of experience come into play.

As you can image, content for sports broadcasts are different from content for lifestyle magazines, meaning that just one event
may require a range of different marketing strategies.

We will also make sure that images and information from your event reach the right people via social media and the internet.
We have a large portfolio of contacts, communities and defined websites.